Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Welcome to our BLOG! Where we can share information about the Chuparosa Inn!

The Inn offers a wonderful environment for couples with a romantic heart, nature lovers, hiking and biking enthusiasts, or anyone who enjoys meeting others in a relaxed atmosphere.

Birds - Commonly seen are five to seven species of hummingbirds including the Broad-billed, Magnificent, Black-chinned, Costa's, Blue-throated, and Broad-tailed. Mexican Jays, Acorn Woodpeckers and Nuthatches are easy to spot. Rarer species including the Elegant Trogon, Arizona Woodpecker, and Yellow-eyed Junco appear at the Inn to draw birders from all over the world.

Banding - The Chuparosa Inn is helping scientists research hummingbird distribution by hosting a Hummingbird Monitoring Network site. The Madera Canyon banding site is one of the 15 research stations located in southeastern Arizona, southern California and British Columbia.


  1. I am SO looking forward to a weekend here! I've heard so many wonderful things about this place. It sounds like it's going to be a perfect little get-away!

  2. It's a great place to unwind and listen to nature either with a group of friends or a romantic getaway, this place is perfect for both! I love the way Nancy decorated the rooms, each a completely different style with very comfortable beds! Louis has several dozen bird feeders throughout the area and I love how he shares his abundant nature info! They both are the perfect hosts! We always miss Madera so we come back every year. Mark & Terri Hensen