Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lucifer Hummingbird Thrills Guests

The male Lucifer Hummingbird (Calathorax lucifer) continues to thrill guests at the Chuparosa. This rare hummingbird has set up shop in Luis' "super secret garden" and has graced us with his presence for the past 2 months. He was banded on July 25, 2011. Two weeks later a Berylline and Calliope hummingbird were banded. the Berylline remained, but the Calliope was not to be seen. We still have a pair of Blue-throated hummers and numerous Magnificent. I have observed up to five Mags at a time on one feeder. The Violet-crowned is still coming in to the feeder across the bridge. Fall migration should be in full swing by the last week of August thru  the first week of September. Bring your binoculars, spotting scope, and camera.

This year the bat migration started early, so the "night shift" has been draining every feeder that does not have a "bat guard." The Mexican Long-tongued bat (Choeronycteris mexicana) and Lesser (Sanborn's Long-nosed bat (Leptonycteris curasoae) are coming thru in large numbers. Many guest's are getting great photos, so bring a flash. We are going thru, at least, nine quarts of hummer juice each day. What the hummers don't drink during the day the night shift finishes off after dark.

The butterfly garden is at its' peak flowering cycle and there are many species coming to feast on the nectar. There are large numbers of Dull Firetip (Pyrrhopyge araaxes) butterflies coming thru the gardens. In addition, there are Hairstreaks,Sulphurs, and Western Tiger Swallowtails visiting the "Obedient Plants) in the front garden. The Sacred Datura ( growing in the back gardens are almost leaf less as the hornworm caterpillar of the Five-spotted hawkmoth (Manduca quinquemaculata) munch their way thru two large plants. It's weird to see them flowering without any leaves.

The dominant black bear in the Canyon has been feeding and hanging out along the creek bed just down from the one-laned bridges. We stopped walking Blue & Taz in that area to avoid any turf wars.

The creek is running and is still music to my ears. It's hard to stay awake when you are relaxing on the patios. This weekend at the Chuparosa you can expect scattered thunderstorms and isolated rain showers. Daytime high temperatures in the 70's to low 80's dropping into the 60's and 70's overnight. In short, it is just plain beautiful. I love the monsoon season! 

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