Monday, August 22, 2011


August 22, 2011    This weekend weekend Debra & Rusty and Cathleen & Tom made their 11th annual visit to the Chuparosa. They are guests and friends that come each year to get a way from the Phoenix heat. The 2.5 hour drive from Phoenix makes for a short trip when you figure that it is about 30 degrees cooler here in the Canyon. Tom, as usual, was the chef and cooked a sumptuous dinner of steak (bison fillets & sirloins), chicken, and salmon. Sides of grilled vegetables and Capresi salad were enjoyed by all. Debra, a Phoenix realtor, used her expertise to select a variety of wines that made everyone happy. Tom, Kathleen, and Rusty hiked to Josephine Saddle on Saturday. On Sunday Cathleen & Tom rode their bike down to Green Vally (14.2 miles) and toured the Stone Mountain subdivision.

Repeat guests "Jack" Craig & Manabu Saito joined us on Saturday night for a great time around the fire-pit. Earlier in the evening they went down canyon to Whitehouse Picnic Area for some "bugging" with Doug Moore and the Friends of Madera Canyon. They were thrilled to see many Madrean species of moths and beetles. Their favorite was the Chrysina Gloriosa a beautiful scarab beetle that is green with gold strips. Jack & Manabu kept us spellbound with their tales of adventure around the world. Jack has travelled the world as a physician and Manabu is an artist that specializes in botanical drawings. He illustrated the Cacti (A Golden Guide) by Frank D. Venning (1974). They will be coming back this Fall with Bobbie & Chuck Woodman.

Amy & Scott were first time visitors to the Chuparosa. They joined the rest of the guests on Friday for a fire, appetisers and a couple of glasses of wine.Saturday morning they were up early and hiked the Old Baldy / Super Trail hike to Josephine Saddle. I have a sneaky feeling that they too will become regular guests at the Chuparosa.

All the guests enjoyed their breakfast of asparagus quiche, fresh apple muffins, ginger bread, and our famous fruit parfaits. This was a weekend to remember and we look forward to Debra & Rusty and Cathleen & Tom's 12th annual visit--it may take me that long to recover!

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