Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I don't want to count my chickens before they've hatched, but if you are reading this blog then the sweet smell of victory is in the air here at the Chuparosa. After numerous tries I have finally been able to access my own blogspot. As you can see, it doesn't take much to make a digitally challenged person happy. Where do you start w/ a blog? Must I say something profound or do you just want to hear what's happening here in Madera Canyon? I think that I better go w/ the latter, instead of boring you w/ the profound.

The monsoon season is in full swing and it looks like springtime in the Canyon. The creeks are running, flowers blooming, and Aztec Trush has returned to Madera Canyon. We are getting rain just about every afternoon and the temperatures have cooled down to 65-75 degrees. This is the season for rarities! We have been seeing 11 species of hummingbirds since the beginning of July, including Lucifer, Beryline, and Violet-crowned. All of the usual suspects are here and we even banded an Allen's hummingbird. I'm here keeping hope alive that a White-eared hummer will appear any day now.

Tonight I will be setting up a couple of black lights and a mercury vapor light to do a little "bugging." We have guests from Sierra Vista that want to sample the nightlife here at the Chuparosa. It will be an evening of bugs, bats (Lesser-long nosed & Mexican-long tongued), Rig-tailed cats, and Elf owls. I 've already warned the guest's to keep their door closed so they don't get any unwanted visitors in the room. Our resident skunks & raccoons can be pretty bold.

Well, Nancy just got home from work-god bless her- and we are going to take Taz & Blue for a walk to the mailboxes (2 mile round trip to get the mail, sweet). We have been seeing a happy 3-4 year old black bear down by Madera Picnic Area for the past few days. A walk in a Sky Island is always an interesting proposition. Adios, until next time--if I can remember what I did differently this time to access my blog!
Luis Calvo


  1. Great Job Luis!! I am so glad to hear that you have accomplished your goal! It's great to hear that the creek is running... no doubt the rain that we had when we were there gave it it's start! That will be a "forever memory!"

    Thanks again for your hospitality, kindness and for making ALL of us feel so comfortable at your place. We so enjoyed our stay and will be back... that is for sure!

  2. Yeah Luis! You are becoming such a Techie! Now try to send us some video of that running creek! Can you do that? We had such a great time hiking in the rain, taking pictures of all the COOL bugs, raccoons, bears, snakes, and tequila induced friends! Always great fun in Madera! xoxox Terri